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a comic-book concept becomes a ghost train

Kentsu Productions' characters of Counter Drakkis & The TinyMonsters ("Kreisi Drakkis & PikkuHirviöt") were born during the years 1985-1988 from the wild imagination of Finnish artist Kenneth Sundberg. The artist has nearly always found his ideas being counter to everything usual, and his concept of these characters was not an exception; Drakkis and his little friends were built upon the idea that even in the supernatural there is a wealth of humanity. Counter Drakkis, who refuses to be a vampire despite of his unnatural birth origin, became an embodiment of the eternal conflict of trying to be good in the hostile, prejudiced world that surrounds all of us. As the lighter and more comical side of the original concept, The TinyMonsters became the epitome of a child's view into the supernatural world.

And all this was created long before the world had ever heard of Harry Potter.

Taking inspiration from world-famous horrors in literature, movies and folklore, Kenneth Sundberg's art and concept of Counter Drakkis & The TinyMonsters remained mostly a personal hobby during the 1990's. In the summer of 1999 Kenneth offered three different concepts for a ghost train renewal for the Finnish amusement park Särkänniemi. From these concepts Särkänniemi chose Counter Drakkis & The TinyMonsters as the best theme to renew their dilapidated Ghost Castle, which was originally designed by artist Ari Backman in the early 1980's. Kenneth's concept of The Tower Of Orlochless was realized INTO the old ghost train building only as a "temporary" solution to lengthen the old attraction's existence. Thus the concept was realized with a minimal budget and with limitations to available space, to moving figures and to sound system.

However, in designing and decorating The Tower Of Orlochless for Särkänniemi, Kenneth Sundberg made every possible effort to bring a tiny spark of the authentic dark ride atmosphere into the ghost train. The idea of family-friendly dark rides (as perfected by Walt Disney Imagineering for Disneyland in 1955) is still extremely rare in Finnish amusement park industry, so Kenneth definitely had a reason to bring his "Tower" into the public. Here is a ghost train that doesn't want to shock nor scare the visitor, but - hopefully - inspires the imagination of the young-at-heart.

Unlike most dark rides, The Tower Of Orlochless doesn't use ultraviolet lighting (which is nearly synonymous with dark attractions everywhere). The ride doesn't include any complicated special effects and contains only a few moving figures. The queue area echoes with the only sound effects (and a bit of TinyMonster dialogue) heard during the entire adventure; the ride itself has only background music. Yet, the atmosphere of the "Tower" is heightened by strong colours and plenty of details (which are designed to look good even under the maintenance lights), with a lush symphonic music score that is indeed a rarity among Finnish amusement park attractions. The music was composed and originally produced by Christel Sundberg (who is nowadays better known as the Finnish song artist Chisu). She wrote the theme music for her brother Kenneth's Drakkis character already in 1994.

The Tower Of Orlochless ("Orlochlessin Torni") at Särkänniemi started its 9th summer on April 30, 2008. From its initial opening in the summer of 2000 the "Tower" has transformed into a bit darker experience season by season. The slight structural remodeling of the facade and of the interiors in 2005 contributed to some great changes in the ride script and scene sequencing. The current "Tower" adventure of 2008 is stronger than ever before, perhaps a little scarier but also more spellbinding - and yes, it is still the most child-friendly ghost train in Finnish amusement parks!

As a part of the official website of Kentsu Productions, this English summary of The Tower Of Orlochless presents the facts and a vast photo gallery that hopefully speaks for itself. You can find photos of Särkänniemi's older ghost train and Ghost Castle (both by Ari Backman) from the temporary English image gallery at -site!

The amusement park of Särkänniemi and the company of Tampereen Särkänniemi Oy is not affiliated to Kentsu Productions, nor responsible for any materials (text, images, opinions) appearing on this official Kentsu Productions site for "The Tower of Orlochless".

PLEASE NOTE: The Tower of Orlochless at the Särkänniemi amusement park has been designed and created especially for young children. However, the ride - and this website - does deal with spooky dark ride and thus contains several photos, drawings and other material that MAY be too intense for little children and fainthearted adults.

We strongly recommend that young children should be accompanied by an adult when browsing through the image galleries indicated with a warning.

Orchlessi? Oglessi?? Orlo-what--??

Pronounced OR/LOK/LESS: The name may be based on old German word "Orlogschiff", meaning "battleship". In German language "Orloch" may be a curious combination of the words "oral" (=oral) and "Loch" (=hole, opening, cave, lair, cavern, prison cell, dungeon). The name "Orlochless", however, may actually have its roots in English language with Scottish emphasis; it may be a combination of the words "ore" (=ore), "loch" or "lough" (=lake), "less" (=less, though also meaning "without something"), or "lessee" (=tenant, lodger). If these are to believed in, the name "Orlochless" can be translated into "lesser ore lake" - "without ore lake" - or even as "the lodger at ore lake". One thing is certain, though: It will quite possibly remain a mystery where and why Counter Drakkis' scary vampire uncle got his name.

This official "The Tower of Orlochless" website reveals an endless amount of things about the attraction and the ride. If You don't want to know about the things happening during the adventure, we advice You to NOT go any further than this!

The Tower of Orlochless

Location: Särkänniemi amusement park,
the city of Tampere, Finland
Original name: Orlochlessin Torni,
The Tower of Orlochless
Alternate names: "Ghost Train"
and "Ghost Castle"
Grand opening: 30 April, 2000
Project financed by Tampereen Särkänniemi Oy
The same building housed previously:
Ghost Train ca.1978-1984
Ghost Castle
Ride system: "dark ride" with single rail guide track
Original vehicles designed and manufactured
by Modern Products, England
Vehicle capacity: 2 - 3 persons per vehicle
Number of vehicles: 6
Ride duration: appr. 75 seconds

Original Ghost Train and Ghost Castle
facade design, original art, decoration
and most figure realizations by
Ari Backman
The Tower of Orlochless adaptation,
design and project supervision by
Kenneth Sundberg
(Kentsu Productions Oy Ltd)
Structural and electronical realization by
Tampereen Särkänniemi Oy
Illumination design, additional decoration,
figure modification & realization, and
decorational maintenance by
Kenneth Sundberg
Music composed and originally produced by
Christel Sundberg (aka Chisu)
Music and audio remastering produced
at SLP Studio, Helsinki
Remastering technical expertise: Ari Sunell
Music and audio projects supervision
by Kenneth Sundberg
The 2005 queue area audio loop
featuring the voices of Susan Henriksson,
Hymy Joutsiniemi
and Christel Sundberg
The audio loop dialogue originally produced in 2001
for Kirjalito's "Musiikkisatu" (Read-Along) recording
financed and published by Egmont Kustannus Oy Ab
(Note: The actual ride contains only background music,
NO dialogue or sound effects during the ride)

Following figures based on the summer 2009:
Three-dimensional figures: 21
Pneumatically moving figures: 4
Pneumatically moving objects: 6
TinyMonster figures (made of plywood): 26
Atmosphere light bulbs (load & interiors): 30
Atmosphere light bulbs (queue area): 9
(Music) speakers (interiors): 4
(Music+audio) speakers (load area): 3
Number of foliage leaves in the Night Garden: 12350
Number of roses and flowers in the Night Garden: 100
Amount of ropes needed for Spindler's webs:
at least 140 meters

A Pictorial Tour of the Dark Ride
The Tower of Orlochless Adventure

Discover the true essence of the Tower of Orlochless' past, present, and ...future? Six pages of atmospheric photo collages present all the major scenes of the dark ride in their authentic "order of appearance" - and not forgetting some of the little details, too!

that this pictorial tour of
the entire dark ride contains
several spoilers and photo material
that MAY scare your socks off!

Page I
A Secret Entrance
(The Queue Area)

Page II
Underground Cavern
The Crypts

Page III
The Dungeon
(The TinyMonsters Rescue Drakkis)

Page IV
The Kitchen of Horrors
Dark Chambers

Page V
The Rage of Orlochless
(In the Dark Chambers)
The Dining Room

Page VI
The Night Garden
The Exit


The Many Moods of the Tower
Publicity shots and processed photos from the
Tower interiors (2000-2006)
Kenneth & Drakkis 2000
Ding Dong & Gee the Ghost
The Cobweb of Spindler
TinyMonsters at the Chamber of Orlochless
The Chamber of Orlochless
The Thunder Window
From the Chamber to the Night Garden
TinyMonsters Behind the Garden Window
Night Garden: Ghost at a Window
The Carnivorous Vegemonster (1)
The Carnivorous Vegemonster (2)

Night Garden: Evelin IV Evil
Evelin IV Evil

Evelin IV Evil and the Portrait
The Bust of Arabella Orlochless
Grandpa's Portrait

Original Dining Room (1)
Original Dining Room (2)
Original Dining Room (3)
TinyMonsters at the Kitchen
The Original Kitchen (1)
The Original Cook
The Original Kitchen (2)
The Two-Tentacled Polypos
The Five-Tentacled Polypos (1)
The Five-Tentacled Polypos (2)

The Pit of Polypos
Scared Calle Corpus
The Crypt-Carl
The Little Wives of Henry XXL
The TinyMonsters Rescue Drakkis
The Original Counter Drakkis
Original Dungeon: A Detail
Before the New Night Garden
After... The New Night Garden 2005
The New Garden (without manipulation)
Backman's Castle Decoration
The New Night Garden Windows
The Vegemonster and the Garden Tomb
The Garden Tomb: A Detail
Exit: Into the Sunlight!

The Tower Essentials
Original drawings and sketches for
the Tower dark ride (1999)
The Authentic Tower of Orlochless
The Authentic Tower Cross-Section
TinyMonsters at the Front Door
The Tower Dark Ride - First Sketch
The Tower Dark Ride - Fantasy Facade
The Rescuers
The Hallway & SpindleSpider
The Kitchen
The Kitchen: A Detail
The Night Garden
The Garden Attack
The Carnivorous Vegemonster
The Chamber of Orlochless
Into the Dungeons
The Cleaning Lady
Evelin IV Evil
Drakkis in Chains
The TinyMonsters Rescue Drakkis
Orlochless Attacks
Escape into the Wine Cellar
Into the Crypt
The Underground Lair
The Final Fright

The Tower Rises
Original photos, publicity shots,
sketches and original drawings. Featuring
the stripped-down Särkänniemi ghost train
and the building and modifications of
the facade, plus maintenanace photos
of the Tower interiors
Stripped-Down Ghost Castle (1)
Stripped-Down Ghost Castle (2)
The Tower Facade - Final Drawing
The Tower Logo Drawing
Building the Facade - Winter 2000
Building the Facade - Lower Tower
Building the Facade - The Tower
The Tower Facade 2002
The Queue Area 2000
Evelin IV Evil at the Tower Window
Vehicles and the Loading Area
The Queue Area: Original Tower Map
Load Area Painting 1 - Original Version
Load Area Painting 1 - New 2006 Version (1)
Load Area Painting 2 (The Rescuers)
Exit Area Painting (Happy End)
Facade Painting Detail (Drakkis & Monza)
The Queue Area 2000: Introductions
Facade Transformation 2005
Sketch for the 2005 Queue Labyrinth (1)
Sketch for the 2005 Queue Labyrinth (2)
Drawing for the 2005 Facade
Plan for the 2005 Queue Labyrinth
The Completed Queue Labyrinth 2005
The New Facade Sign 2005
Kenneth & the Cannonball
Inside the Queue Labyrinth (1)
Inside the Queue Labyrinth (2)
Queue Labyrinth: Night Garden Window
Queue Labyrinth: New Introductions
Queue Labyrinth: The New Tower Map
Queue Labyrinth: Shadowfolk Sign
The New Chamber of Orlochless
Bulletinboard for Shadowfolk
Queue Labyrinth: "Menu Minuit"
Queue Labyrinth: Kenneth Paints
Load Area Painting 1 - New 2006 Version (2)

The New Crypt: Skelesisters & Keeper

WARNING: The following image gallery
may contain quite horrifying photo material
We recommend that young children should be accompanied by an adult when browsing through the images of "The Shadowfolk & Horrors of the Tower".

The Shadowfolk &
Horrors of the Tower
Original photos and processed images
of the Tower figures
The White Widow 2000 (1)
The White Widow 2000 (2)
The White Widow 2003
Lair of the White Widow 2005
Skeletal Remains in the Lair
The Chamber of Orlochless: The Coffin
The Chamber of Orlochless 2004
The "Great Orlochless" 2005
The Fury of Orlochless (1)
The Fury of Orlochless (2)

The Old Dining Room Guard (1)
The Old Dining Room Guard (2)
Monstrous Monster Manipulation
Monstrous Monster (& the White Widow)
The Original Crypt 2000 (1)
The Original Crypt 2000 (2)
The Crypt 2001 (1)
The Crypt 2001 (2)
The Crypt 2001 (3)
Creature in the Crypt
Horrors of the Crypt
Attack of a Crypt Creature
The Hallway Web of Spindler

The New Dining Room Table 2005
The Kitchen: Emo Arrives
Emo in the Kitchen 2005
Keeper of the Shadows 2005
Keeper of the Shadows (Extra 1)
Keeper of the Shadows (Extra 2)
The Keeper and the Crypt Windows
The Terrible Fate of Oka Salmivuori (1)
The Terrible Fate of Oka Salmivuori (2)
The Remains of Oka Salmivuori 2005
The Terrifying Redhead in the Web
Something Familiar in the Web
The Skeletons in the Dungeon (1)
The Skeletons in the Dungeon (2)
The Stretch-Rack Skeleton
The Horrifying Face (1)
The Horrifying Face (2)
Emo - Pink Nightmare
Emo - Blue Version
The Kitchen Guillotine
The Kitchen: Tower of Skulls
The Kitchen: Barrel of Skulls
The Kitchen Shelf and More Skulls
The Kitchen: Emo & Edith 2004
The Most Horrifying Tower Creature

The Tower People
Original photos of Kenneth
and his friends working - and
having fun (!) -
at & inside the
Tower of Orlochless

Ken at Work (2000)
Ken's Original Costume (with Pia)
"Live" Ghosts 2005 (with Sini & Pia)
The Tired Live Ghosts of 2005
"Pia Jr" - The Doll and Ken

Ken - Maintaining the Horrors # 1
Maintaining the Horrors # 2
Maintaining the Horrors # 3
Maintaining the Horrors # 4
Ken - Fun with a Torso (1)
Ken - Fun with a Torso (2)

A Real Ghost Photo ? (2000)

The Tower Adventure
Original drawings and processed images
from the "Read-Along" storybook
The Musiikkisatu Cover Image
The Happy Family of Drakkis
Drakkis Transforms into a Bat
The Frustrated Uncle Orlochless
Drakkis in Chains
Little-Elsa's Decision
Preparations for a Rescue
Operation "Let's Save Drakkis" (The Map)
The Fantastic FireFlub Left Out
SpindleSpider & Volatilly
Through the Wrong Door
At the Night Garden
TinyMonsters in the Dining Room
TinyMonsters in the Kitchen
The Monstrous Monster
The Bug Tunnel
TinyMonsters at the Dungeon Door
Little-Sid at the Pit of Polypos
The Rescue of Drakkis
Through the Wrong Door Again
Into the Crypt (Horror of the Crypt)
The Bump into the Boxes
Orlochless Appears
The Fantastic FireFlub Saves the Day
Into the Sunlight (The Tower Collapses)
The Happy Ending
The TinyMonster's Magic Carpet

WARNING: The following image gallery
contains VERY intense and/or obscene material with provocative situations
We STRONGLY recommend that young children should be accompanied by an adult when browsing the images of "The Orlochless Torture Chamber".

The Orlochless Torture Chambers
Original drawings, sketches and deleted
tortures for the Tower dungeons
The Book of Torture (as seen at the Queue)
"I Keep My Eye On You" - Warning Sign
"Prepared for Vandals" - Sketches
The Tentacles of Polypos
Drakkis in Chains - Original
Drakkis in Chains - Cut & Paste Original
The Torture Chamber - Censored Version
The Torture Chamber - Original
Vegemonster's Victim
Mummification Victimization
The Grill
Tangled Up (SpindleSpider's Victim)
Knife Flinging
The Stretch-Rack
The Wrench
The Spikes of Death
The Rat Torture
The Worm Torture
The Pit and the Pendulum
The Torture Chambers Logo Image
Drakkis in Chains (processed photo)


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